30 Days of Art

So, at the beginning of the year, I decided to, instead of making a New Year Resolution (who completes those things anyway?) I was going to give myself the challenge of completing thirty pieces of art in thirty days. I know there are some folks who do something like that, but decide to do it for a whole year. Well, I admire their tenacity and commitment, but I knew I wouldn’t have the patience and follow through to do something like that. So, doing it for thirty days was it.

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The Process

Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve updated this (it’s always a whole heap of minutes it seems like when updating blogs) so I figured I would describe the process that goes into creating a piece, and some of the thoughts behind it.

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Mokojumbie Designs

You might not know that, in addition to my art, I’m an accomplished graphic designer with over a decade of experience as a freelancer and over six in the corporate area. Some of my clients include Memorial West United Presbyterian Church, TEDx BroadStreet, Essex County College, and NJ.com. If you need my design services, check met out at www.mokojumbiedesign.com, or drop me an email at david@mokojumbie.net.





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Artist Statement

Art can do many things. It can bring joy, pain, frustration, understanding; almost any emotion one can experience to the viewer. It can serve as an inspiration, it can be used to educate or to incite. Art can do many things, but it does not have to do many.

There are two things art should do , not necessarily in tandem. It should say something and it should look good. How useful and profound its message and/or how good it looks separates good art from bad art, but anything, I believe that is called art should have at least one of these things. While that is not where I get my inspiration, it is my guideline.

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We Feting For Days

Hey, we (well, those actually living in Trindad) just finish celebrating carnival. Here’s to color and fete

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