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Hey folks! I just wanted to send a quick message before everyone goes into a week-long food coma. Things are okay here behind the desk, if a little slow, as I gear up for the holiday season.

And this is where I need some help. The web store where I have my prints for sale isn’t doing the best (putting it mildly), and I’m at a loss to know why, or what I can do to make it better. Well, I do have a few ideas, but I’d love to run them by you guys first. For those who have visited, or, what’s the experience like? The first link takes you to a self contained store, while the link takes you to a store that’s more intergrated into my personal website.They both have the same content, but the layout is a little different. Out of the two URLs, is there one that seems to work better for you? Is it easy to find a particular piece you were looking for? More or less cluttered? One thing I believe is a sticking point is the sheer number of options available before you purchase a print. From matting and framing (something I don’t recommend, because it’s just so expensive. Get it on stretched canvas instead), to the type of paper for prints, it seems bewildering even to me. From what I can tell, the printing company doesn’t give me any opportunity to limit choices, so I don’t know what if anything I can do to allay that. What about sizes? The majority of my work is done  at 16″x20″, which is a fairly common  size with lots of frame choices if you go to Michaels, or a frame shop. It also scales down to 8″x10″ exactly, and it quite close to 11″x14″; another common frame size.  It’s those 843 other size options  that have always bother me. I think I have some leeway in selecting available sizes, so there might be some relief for that. Unless of course that you guys don’t find it to be an issue in the first place. So, I’m hoping that you can reply to this newsletter, or reply on Facebook or my blog (I’m going to repost this on those places as well) to let me know what I can do to make your purchasing experience more fulfilling. Thanks, and happy Turkey Day, if you celebrate that sort of thing. Leave a message!]]>