I believe most of my readers know that my art is created digitally. I do initial sketches on paper, scan it in to my computer, and from then on out, it’s Photoshop the rest of the way. What you might not know is that I’m a Windows person through and through, which is a bit unusual for someone in my profession. I know my way around a Mac for the most part, but ever since my mother bought me a 486 Gateway PC (remember those? Those were the ones that came in the cow box)  way (way) back then, I’ve always been in the Windows ecosystem and never owned anything from Apple

Until I got a 10.5″ IPad Pro some weeks ago.

Now I’ll still stay with PCs to do my graphic design work; but for art?  Will I throw my PC down a well while I sleep with my IPad on my pillow next to me? It’s not so cut and dried.
Well, let me tell you about this IPad. Firstly, it cost me a grip and a half. I was eyeing multiple Windows type tablets, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for at a decent price, After yet another “coming soon” device ended up with too many compromises, I decided I only live once (getting a check for some client work admittedly helped in this decision) and got one

One of the first images I created on the IPad

I bought it maybe three weeks before the new, cheaper (but not as good) IPad (non-pro) was released, but honestly, the differences probably made it worth it.  This device is soooooo smooth! For art, it’s amazing. Their stylus (called a Pencil) has absolutely no lag, and it draws exactly where I expect it to on screen. And that screen! Sharp, bright, and just about perfect. The software I use, called Procreate, is the gold standard when it comes to art apps on any mobile platform. As a cool bonus, it allows me to make time lapse videos that are easily shareable. You’ve probably seen them on Instagram, and I intend on making and sharing more of them. Another thing that it has done was let me be a bit more mobile. I don’t have to be stuck in a dark office looking at a screen when I’m making art. I can be outside barely acknowledging nature while I’m looking at a screen!

So you must be asking why is there any doubt? There definitely seems to be some dryness to your cut. Why not just go with the iPad whole hog and forget Photoshop? Perhaps it’s a matter of just being used to what I’ve been doing for the past almost two decades. Old habits die hard and Photoshop is frankly an amazing artistic tool If you look at the artwork I put on Instagram I haven’t done anything “great” with it. At least not complex. I’ve done “cartoonish” characters (the IPad is great at doing illustrative styles)  but I haven’t done anything more expressively painterly. Procreate is definitely capable of doing things like that. It’s just that I’m still coming to grips with it and there’s niggling issues with the software  that hasn’t let me really cut loose as I’d like.

It’s a learning curve, but definitely a surmountable one. And I look forward to really show off what this thing can do. Keep an eye out.

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