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Big Ass art; or as the Donald would say "It's Yuge!"

here Big Ass Art   Okay, so I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that I like big ass-art, but today I want to talk a little about big-ass art (you see what I did there?), spotlighting two artists that specialize in some monumental-sized art. Now of course...

It's How You Frame It

 For a single mat, always go with white or off-white. My artwork is very colorful, and anything besides those colors could overpower the art. A black mat might work in some cases, and would certainly be a bold choice. If you’re going for a double mat try going...

We Feting For Days

Hey, we (well, those actually living in Trindad) just finish celebrating carnival. Here’s to color and fete ]]>

Yank her Hair

A bit… misogynistic, but in a playful way (wait, is that even possible?) ]]>