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  •  For a single mat, always go with white or off-white. My artwork is very colorful, and anything besides those colors could overpower the art. A black mat might work in some cases, and would certainly be a bold choice.
  • If you’re going for a double mat try going with a white top mat, and a colorful bottom mat. Use the bottom mat’s color to compliment another item in the room you’re hanging the art in. Think about wall and trim colors, furniture upholstery, and centerpiece items.
  • Paper For paper type, I would suggest Premium Semi-Matte Photo paper. I’m a matte sort of guy. I feel that glossy works for photography, but it gives it a regular poster-feel for art prints. Plus the glare is a pain. Purely matte surfaces on the other hand can tend to be flat, and wash out colors. I find that the Semi-Matte is a happy medium. If you want to really wow, I love Somerset Velvet. It gives prints a luxurious look, super bright colors, and is great for oils and pastels type reproductions. Oh, and if anyone decides to go for a metallic print, let me know how you like it. I haven’t ordered a print on that type of paper yet, but it looks as if it would be really cool. Until next time…]]>