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I didn’t have many rules for this experiment, except that I had to do one each day, and it had to be new art. No reworking an old idea; totally new. It also didn’t have to be masterpieces; a simple sketch or fairly involved doodle would count.   So, starting from December 30, I made thirty pieces of art. Some were doodles and quick sketches, but quite a few of them to my surprise, ended up being a lot more fully formed than I expected at the beginning of the whole process. I definitely experimented a lot, especially in the beginning, using techniques or styles I had never used before, or not in a while. I will admit that I did cheat a couple of times, and counted a couple of illustrations I was doing for a children’s book towards my count. One thing I didn’t didn’t do too much of, a bit disappointingly, was pencil sketching. I did a few, but most of them ended up being worked on longer, and became full pieces. Most of the art came out okay, with even a few pieces that ended up being some of my best I created in a while. Some, I probably won’t show anywhere.   What are some things learn from the exercise? I learned that doing something like that is pretty hard work, and I tip my hat to those folks that can keep it up all year. It’s difficult to come up with something new to draw every day (although I really did try at times to just be more freeform and do some sort of quick sketch and call that George, a lot of the works ended up being more involved, much to the chagrin of sleep). I don’t know if I’d necessarily do it again, but I did have fun, and it was a great way to stretch some creative muscles in a way I hadn’t before.]]>