I’m a hider. I hide things.

You guys don’t get to see nearly as much art as I create. Sure, I upload the great (or at least decent) stuff, but I rarely show you how the sausage is made. And even more rarely, do I show you the dead ends, or the freakish monstrosities that I can produce with startling regularity. It’s like selfies. We take dozens upon dozens of shots, just to get that perfect one with our hair just right, a minimal of chin fat, and no zits. 99.99% of those other shots never see the light of day.

Recently completed freakish monstrosity. Don’t worry, it’s totally redone (and looks nothing like this. I’ll post it soon)

Besides the dead ends, I also have a lot of “eh… I’ll get to its” and “this is a great idea, but I’m not ready to executes”. I’ve had thumbnail sketches that I hadn’t touched in a year, then would come back to and finish up. I don’t even remember if I eventually executed it in the way I had originally envisioned, or just went in a totally different direction. I also have a few sketches that I’ve just haven’t done anything with. Some I’ve started doing something, but never finished. Others, I just couldn’t see how to proceed, but didn’t think the idea was unsalvageable.

So, here’s my next experiment. Presented here are four sketches that were whiffs of ideas, that I never got around to completing. I’m leaving it up to y’all to vote and choose which one of the four should be my next piece. You can see that these sketches are kinda rough (some rougher than others), so who knows how it could potentially turn out? I certainly don’t! So just head over to mokojumbie.net/artpoll, and make your choice.

Oh, and to make it spicy, I’ll pick one of the poll participants, and give them a FREE 11x14 print of the finished product. So, make sure to vote, and let me know what my next piece should be!

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