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properly like who they’re supposed to. And to most people (including the portrait subject), the pieces do look like the subject , but to me, I always see the flaws. When I do do portraits, there’s usually something about the subject, something aesthetically interesting that I see and say to myself “oh, that’s cool.” It could be anything, like how the light plays against a cheekbone, or the texture of stretch marks on the swell of a breast, or just a particular pose the person has at that moment. When there’s something that I want to experiment with, and (this is important), there’s no pressure. I know people might say “Oh, I trust you; I know you can do a good job,” but the internal pressure can be too uncomfortable. The other times I do portraits, it’s because that person is really close to me, and I do it as a gift. So, if I’ve ever done one of you, make sure you cherish that mofo. So, does that mean I will never do portraits or commissions again? Nah. There are going to be times when I do feel like tackling them, and I ever so briefly open myself to doing them. That usually lasts for approximately one commission, or possibly two before I get bored or irritated, or flustered under the pressure. So there’s a chance. A Trump hands sized chance, but a chance nonetheless.